data scientist salary in australia

Australian Career Guide : Data Scientist Salary in Australia

Are you curious about the field of information technology? You could like a job as a data scientist. Data scientists look for patterns in the data and use those patterns to provide answers to the difficulties the world is now experiencing. A job as a data scientist offers the chance to influence how data is seen and applied in practical settings since the value of data to an organisation is becoming more and more clear.


Continue reading to discover more about the duties of a data scientist and the competencies required to succeed in the information technology sector!


data scientist salary in australia

What is the job of a data scientist?

You could really enjoy the work that data scientists undertake if you’re at ease sifting through mounds of data. Using raw data, data scientists look for patterns and relationships among the figures, test theories, and provide solutions to issues that people face. Data scientists see possibilities where others would just see disordered, disorganised data.

Data scientists are necessary for all kinds of businesses and organisations because they can utilise math, statistics, and programming to offer insights into operations and identify operational inefficiencies. The importance of numbers is increasing as the world becomes more and more dependent on data. Data scientists may assist businesses in taking the next step to outperform their rivals or assist governmental organisations in providing citizens with better goods and services.

What qualifications are necessary to work as a data scientist?

A variety of talents can help you succeed if you decide to pursue a career as a data scientist, even though the ability to manage and comprehend data is a crucial component. These abilities are transferable, so if you’re already employed in another industry but want to enter the realm of data science, you could already be there.

 Some of the abilities that can make you a successful data scientist are:

  • The capacity to visualise data using tools like Tableau and Google Charts

  • The capacity to alter facts to test ideas or solutions

  • Critical thinking skills since not everything is as it seems at first.

  • The capacity to solve problems, particularly when they arise or things don’t go as planned

  • The capacity to explain your results to stakeholders, especially those who might not fully comprehend the data


Additionally, you should be highly knowledgeable in a variety of data science-related topics. Of course, knowing as much as you can about mathematics, programming, and statistics before moving on to study more difficult topics is a must if you’re starting from scratch.


To advance as a data scientist, you may wish to study the following subjects:

  • Knowledge of statistics and how they are filtered/broken down

  • Having a thorough knowledge of AI and machine learning and staying current with related technology developments

  • Possessing a thorough knowledge of programming languages like Python, SQL, and Java

  • A thorough knowledge of how firms utilise data to inform their decisions

You might want to think about doing further research if you want to start along the path to a career in data science. You may learn about cloud computing, programming, and collaboration with Upskilled’s ICTSS00109 – Short Course in Entry to Tech Skill Set, preparing you for a variety of careers in the IT industry. You may also speak with one of our education advisers to find out more about the courses that could be best for you.

How do you develop as a data scientist?

It’s time to start making progress towards realising your goal of becoming a data scientist. There are various paths to a job in data science, while earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology is something to think about. You may learn more about the IT industry by completing a short course with Upskilled, and participating in programming, statistics, and math bootcamps can help you connect with like-minded people.


Another great way to connect with like-minded people and present yourself to potential employers is by participating in competitions. Competitions are frequently held by organisations like Kaggle, Bitgrit, and AICrowd, which may help you test your data science-related abilities and provide you with the chance to solve real-world issues. There are other competitions, including categories for research, analytics, and AI. These contests are well worth your time if you want feedback on your abilities in a certain category. Why not participate because there are frequently rewards involved?


Similar to this, you could choose data science internships that may help you hone your talents and pick up new ones. Keep an eye on websites that list jobs, such as LinkedIn, SEEK, and Indeed (putting up notifications may be very useful), and maintain contact with people you’ve previously studied or been taught by. You never know what opportunities might present themselves, especially from unexpected sources.

Demand for a data scientist in Australia

Data scientists are in demand worldwide and Australia is no different. Data scientists are currently the most sought-after specialists in the world due to the explosion of big data across sectors. You will have the choice to work domestically or internationally once you finish this career.

While there are many possibilities to make a difference at new startups, the largest prospects right now are with large corporations and wealthy areas like banking.

Data scientists have the chance to shape the direction of their field’s future. You will become a leader in your career and sector by honing your talents within a specialised industry.

A different career path for data scientists is in academia. You may conduct cutting-edge research and push the boundaries of data science by working for a university or government research organisation.


Data Scientist salary in Australia

The majority of employment in data scientist positions will, as is customary in Australia, be situated in either Sydney or Melbourne, although there are also openings in other large cities.

The salaries shown below for data science in Australia are from Payscale.


Data Scientist Salaries in Sydney, NSW

Starting salary – AU$52k – AU$94k

5yrs experience – AU$79k – AU$147k

Data Scientist Salaries in Melbourne, VIC

Starting salary – AU$51k – AU$94k

5yrs experience – AU$77k – AU$143k

Data Scientist Salary in Canberra, ACT

Starting salary – AU$51k – AU$94k

5yrs experience – AU$78k – AU$148k

Data Scientist Salary in Brisbane, QLD

Starting salary – AU$49k – AU$90k

5yrs experience – AU$77k – AU$143k

Data Scientist Salaries in Perth, WA

Starting salary – AU$51k – AU$94k

5yrs experience – AU$81k – AU$155k

Data Scientist Salary in Hobart, TAS

Starting salary – AU$44k – AU$81k

5yrs experience – AU$68k – AU$127k

Data Scientist Salary in Darwin, NT

Starting salary – AU$49k – AU$90k

5yrs experience – AU$76k – AU$143k

How It Is to Work as a Data Scientist at These Organizations

1. Accenture

Accenture offers expert services in strategy, consulting, digital, and other fields to some of the largest businesses in Australia. Great benefits of working with Accenture include a workplace flexibility and mentorship from industry experts. They specialise in supply chain and logistics analytics and data science and put the needs of their clients first.


The largest Australian telecommunications company is constantly searching for a data scientist to assist them in making better use of their enormous volumes of data and boost operational efficiency. At Telstra, data science plays a significant role, particularly when big data is used to combine and analyse data and visualisation tools. And as an added benefit, Telstra employees are among Australia’s most in-demand data scientists.

3. ING

When considering cutting-edge data science, you might not immediately think of ING as a bank. However, they have a dedicated group of data enthusiasts that keep ING’s banking platform’s data and analytics capabilities up to date. A data scientist who can create prediction algorithms and search databases for novel ideas is sought after by ING. You might be able to find an opportunity through ING Careers.

4. EY

In data science, EY searches for the human aspect that recognises the genuine worth of technology and analytics. In EY’s business model, data science plays a significant part, and the company seeks individuals who are competitive and innovative enough to tackle challenges on a regular basis. They even hold an annual student data science challenge to evaluate the abilities of the next data science superstars.

5. Hipages 

Hipages gathers a lot of data, and in order to help produce the finest goods, it requires qualified individuals to mine it. Hipages is recognised as a fantastic place to work and offers reasonable pay.

There’s no doubt you will be able to pursue a high-paying job as a data scientist in Australia if you develop your skills and knowledge as a dynamic data scientist.

You can pursue your studies at the Australian Institute of Digital Technology to kickstart and skyrocket your future career as a data scientist.


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