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Top 10 Tech Jobs in Australia With The Fastest Growing Salaries

It’s crucial to know what positions are available if you’re considering a career in the tech sector. Anyone who wants to work in a field that is growing quickly and offers competitive pay should consider a career in technology. Learn more about the positions you could pursue in the technology sector and how to prepare for a career in technology by reading on!


What IT positions offer the best pay growth?

The fact that salaries in the IT sector are increasing over time is a positive. Businesses are always on the lookout for the best talent, and they’re ready to pay a premium for it. These are the top 10 information technology occupations by salary, according to SEEK: 

Architect for infrastructure


Enterprise Architect


Program Director


Architecture Manager


Domain Architect


Solutions Architect


Security Architect


Data Architect


Cloud Consultant


Platform Manager


tech jobs

Architect for infrastructure:

In order to help organizations prosper, infrastructure architects collaborate with them to develop information systems. The ability to coordinate the best IT solution for a business’ needs and a thorough awareness of the various IT solutions are requirements for this position.


Enterprise Architect:

Enterprise architects assist large firms in maintaining and modernizing their IT infrastructure. You’ll need to be knowledgeable about the newest gear and software and make choices that can improve how businesses use technology.


Program Director:

Teams that deliver IT projects are supervised by program directors. The Program Director is in charge of overseeing the effective completion of various initiatives and offering expertise as required.


Architecture Manager:  

Architecture managers improve the effectiveness of technical processes, much like an enterprise architect. You’ll frequently collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to assist them in identifying IT shortcomings and transforming them into strengths.


Domain Architect:

Domain Architects offer assistance with digital makeovers, frequently concentrating on a particular sector of a firm. This position can be a good fit for you if your area of expertise is in IT.

Solutions Architect:  

Solutions Architects examine a company’s operations in-depth and assess how successful firms might be made by enhancing IT processes. If you enjoy solving problems, this profession can be a good fit for you.


Security Architect: 

The security systems of a company are managed by security architects. If you have experience in cybersecurity, you might be interested in this position.


Data Architect:

Data is everything you do? Data architects design policies and procedures that govern how data is gathered, stored, organized, and accessed by businesses. This function is one that is only going to grow more significant in the future as the world becomes more data-driven.


Cloud Consultant: 

Businesses are shown by cloud consultants how to use cloud computing to streamline their operations. The cloud can give organizations improved operational methods, therefore it’s a position that may appeal to those wishing to assist businesses in utilizing new technology.


Platform Manager:

Platform managers are in charge of the computer systems used by companies to run. Depending on the needs of the firm, this position may involve developing platforms, improving existing platforms, or both.


What Skills Should You Have for Such Jobs in Tech?

Even while each of the aforementioned roles will need a certain set of abilities (including an understanding of various technology platforms and applications), every tech function can benefit from a variety of other skills.

Among the transferable abilities that can aid in your success in the technology industry are:

  • the capacity to interact with many stakeholders 

  • capacity to oversee the efficient completion of numerous initiatives 

  • the capacity to manage one’s own and one’s team’s time 

  • capacity to distribute tasks to team members based on their diverse skill sets as challenges (both IT and non-IT) emerge 

  • capacity to act as a team leader when necessary 

5 Reasons why you should work in Tech

1. Increased availability of IT jobs

The technological sector is expanding and shows no signs of slowing down. There are many distinct positions and tasks in IT to match diverse skill sets, from coding and software development to data analysis, testing, project management, and more. The demand for computer skills will increase as technology develops, which means that IT employment will continue to be available. This is one of the factors that make the IT sector so appealing to job seekers.

2.High paying jobs

Like any job, you’ll need to prove yourself, but after a few years in the field, IT experts can earn a sizable salary. The IT industry boasts some of the highest salaries in the world, according to Fox Business. And this rate will keep rising as the years pass and technology takes over. Start your career in technology early by entering the field.

3.Flexible working

Almost all IT positions allow for flexible scheduling. You don’t require set office hours, seven days a week, since the majority of roles can be performed remotely. The use of remote working may have started in the IT industry, but other businesses were forced to follow suit after the pandemic. The greater work-life balance made possible by this flexibility makes IT employment appealing.

4.Keep learning

You have limitless possibilities for learning because technology is continually evolving. A career in tech gives you the chance to work on a variety of projects and pick up new skills while also learning about AI, machine learning, and cloud computing.

5.Work for the future

Working in technology gives you the potential to actively shape our future because tech is essential to everything from communications to healthcare.

How to get ready for a career in tech?

Now that you are aware of the transferable abilities required for success in the technology sector, it is time to begin looking for employment in the field to advance your IT talents. Through contests, where you can work directly with people who have the expertise and abilities you need, and internships, where you can receive comprehensive feedback on your answers to real-world challenges, you may develop your skill set by understanding the nuances of each profession you’re searching for.


Speaking with people in your network who are already employed in the technology sector might provide you with important insight into what is required to thrive in the field. Reaching out to others who are already employed in the technology industry can help you plan your next steps, whether you are someone who is certain of the job you want to work in moving future or who is more broadly interested in the industry.



Also by taking additional coursework, you can also get ready for a career in technology.


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