SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

The SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management provides advanced training in culinary management, covering areas such as menu planning, cost control, staff supervision, and kitchen operations.

Certificate IV in Kitchen Management


:BSB80120 | CRICOS Code 108748C


:78 Weeks (Incl Holidays)


:26 Weeks (Packaged with Cert III)


: melbourne


The SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management equips students with advanced skills and knowledge in managing commercial kitchens. The course covers menu planning, cost control, staff management, and kitchen operations, preparing graduates for leadership roles in the hospitality industry.

SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management learners are international students who are:
• Seeking to pursue or further a career in kitchen management
• Seeking to enter a new industry sector
• Seeking a pathway to higher level qualifications.
Characteristics of the target group are as follows:
International students from various countries who are seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in commercial cookery to further their career prospects or study pathways.
Typically, these students will not have any work experience and are between 18 – 35 years.
Students may be onshore students currently based in Australia or offshore students applying from overseas. Most students speak English as a second language and must satisfy English language proficiency in order to successfully enrol into the course.
Credit and/or RPL can be provided for those with existing skills and knowledge allowing such students to complete the course in a shorter timeframe.

The course is delivered face-to-face in classrooms, and through structured self-study. It incorporates a simulated workplace environment and access to fully equipped training facility at our campus. Practical components of the course are delivered face-to-face in an allocated classroom or at our designated kitchen. A work placement is also required.

Australian Institute of Digital Technology has the following entry requirements:
International students must:
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Participate in a course entry interview to determine suitability for the course and student needs.
• Minimum IELTS overall band of 6.00 (Academic Module) with no individual band below 5.5; or TOEFL iBT (internet-based) minimum score of 78 with no band less than 23; or Pearson (PTE) 52 (no communicative skills less than 42); or any other equivalent assessment of English language proficiency.
• Test results must be no more than 2 years old.
• English language competence can also be demonstrated through documented evidence of any of the following:
• Educated for 5 years in an English-speaking country; or
• Completed at least 6 months of a Certificate IV level course in an Australian RTO; or
• Successful completion of an English Placement Test
• For levels 1 and 2 Students only, successful completion of AIDT Language and Numeracy Test conducted on AIDT (for onshore international students ONLY.)
• International students applying for a Certificate III level course will need to provide evidence of satisfactory completion of Australian Year 10 (or equivalent) or certificate II or higher.

In order to achieve qualification students must complete the following 33 units of competency which includes 27 core units and 6 elective units
Code Name Core Elective
SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety Core
SITXFSA006 Participate in safe food handling practices Core
SITHCCC023 Use food preparation equipment Core
SITHCCC027 Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery Core
SITHCCC028 Prepare appetisers and salads Core
SITHCCC029 Prepare stocks, sauces and soups Core
SITHCCC030 Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes Core
SITHCCC031 Prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes Core
SITHCCC035 Prepare poultry dishes Core
SITHCCC036 Prepare meat dishes Core
SITHCCC037 Prepare seafood dishes Core
SITHCCC041 Produce cakes, pastries and breads Core
SITHCCC042 Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements Core
SITHCCC043 Work effectively as a cook Core
SITHKOP009 Clean kitchen premises and equipment Core
SITHPAT016 Produce desserts Core
SITXINV006 Receive, store and maintain stock Core
SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipes Core
SITXWHS007 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices Core
SITXHRM008 Roster staff Core
SITHKOP012 Develop recipes for special dietary requirements Core
SITHKOP013 Plan cooking operations Core
SITHKOP015 Design and cost menus Core
SITXFIN009 Manage finances within a budget Core
SITXCOM010 Manage conflict Core
SITXFSA008 Develop and implement a food safety program Core
SITXMGT004 Monitor work operations Core
SITHCCC038 Produce and serve food for buffets Elective
SITHCCC040 Prepare and serve cheese Elective
SITHCCC032 Produce cook-chill and cook-freeze foods Elective
SITXCCS015 Enhance customer service experiences Elective
SITXHRM010 Recruit, select and induct staff Elective

Course Fee Offshore: $14,000 AUD
Course Fee Onshore: $12,000 AUD
Course Fee (Packaged) : $6,000 AUD
Resource Fee: $1500 AUD
Enrolment Fee: $300 AUD

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